Optimist Til I Die is on the radio!

Updated: Aug 22

We have heard big news today, that our brand new single will be played on 5 radio stations next week. Yes - 5 (one is even in America!!!) We are absolutely thrilled as a band and we can't thank you fans enough for your ongoing support.

The radio stations which we will be played on are:

Northern Quarter Radio - Tuesday 6pm - 8pm

Indie Rock UK - Wednesday 6pm - 8pm

KUHS Radio / TV Denver - Thursday 7pm - 9pm (-7hr GMT)

WRFM 1025 - Sunday 9pm - 11pm

Eden FM - Friday 8pm - 10pm

Being played on KUHS Radio will be our first time having our music played in the USA.

Make sure you tune in to hear our single on the radio!


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